Vipassana- To See Things As They Really Are

I came across a film on youtube called ‘The Dhamma Brothers’ , which is about bringing a meditation programme into one of the toughest prisons in Alabama. During the film, you see what happens throughout the 10 day retreat , and the transformation of these criminals.

Can we permanently change our moods?

What is our prefrontal cortex and how does Mindfulness affect it? Our prefrontal cortex is the small part of the brain just behind our forehead. This is where a large part of our mood experiences comes from.

Who’s using Mindfulness?

Respected programmes using Mindfulness:  The NHS are recommending 8 week intervention courses to help control depression and anxiety by introducing Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy,


My first few posts will be on a topic that I have found to have really had a positive effect in my life over the past few months , and therefore I would like to share some of the information I have learnt about Mindfulness.