Emotional Contagion

Our emotions have the superpower to transform the mood in anyone we are interacting with.

Daniel Coleman says, “We unconsciously imitate the emotions we see displayed by someone else, through an out-of-awareness motor mimicry of their facial expression, gestures, tone of voice, and other nonverbal markers of emotion. Through this imitation people re-create in themselves the mood of the other person.” 

“People who are able to help others soothe their feelings have an especially valued social commodity; they are the souls others turn to when in greatest emotional need. We are all part of each other’s tool kit for emotional change, for better or for worse.”

Here is my challenge ❤

Let us try to be emotionally nourishing, leaving others around us in a good mood after every interaction.

Let us intentionally try to uplift others. Moods do rub off, just test this the next time you wake up, intentionally raise your mood and vibration when you start the day. For me it is through a cup of coffee, writing a few lines in my journal and going for little run clears my mind and gets me in the best mood. I feel the trail of positive energy following me, sprinkling smiles around like fairy dust. Give it a go, maybe you want to try it when you get to work in the morning, perhaps change the vibes in your office!

Let us see how contagious our positive moods can be and start to make a small difference every day in someones life through our uplifting interactions.

Have a great day!




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