Wearing Busy as a Badge of Honor

We may think filling our days up and keeping busy proves we are more than just ordinary and are getting more out of our lives, but is it about how much we can cram into our day or about how truly present we are in each activity?

Having recently been able to slow down after a vacation, whilst feeling guilty for not doing much during the day,  I reminded myself that it is about about quality not quantity. It’s about taking time during your ‘to do’s ‘ to find pleasure in even the smallest of activities. Remembering to savor the moments, to fully engage with the person you are talking too, enjoying each sip of coffee rather than gulping it down while we hurry through one project to quickly tick it off our list.

Let’s embrace ordinary by living extra-ordinarily through each moment ❤

S L O W it down. Breath. Try embracing the beginners mind, as though every activity we are doing is for the first time, noticing all your senses and finding fulfillment in small moments too , not only the big tasks!

Our attention can only be focused on one thing at a time. This is how mindfulness meditation helps us find calmness in our active minds, helps us pay attention to the task at hand,  fully without our minds wandering off to the next ‘to do’ or the constant chatter.

Mindfulness is a practice, it isn’t something you are either good at or not, it takes time to build new neural circuits that train your brain to become more aware of your thinking and where your attention is going.

Practicing mindful mediation for just 10 minutes a day can help with being more present in whatever we are doing, whoever we are with, as well as give our mind a much needed little rest in between the constant thinking:

  • Maintain a moment by moment awareness by bringing your attention back to your breathing ( using it as an anchor to distract your attention from your thoughts). Self- awareness is key an helps us to catch worrisome or repetitive thoughts.
  • Accepting whatever thoughts naturally arise without judgement. The thought has appeared, acknowledge it and let it pass like a cloud floating by. Try not attach any emotion to it, rather just observe it.

Remember just breath, slow it down, don’t judge your thoughts, greet them and say goodbye kindly as you bring your attention to this ordinary moment, embracing it and making it extra-ordinary.


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


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