Why we do what we do- Tony Robbins

I recently watched this old TED Talk by Tony Robbins, in which he talks about what motivates people to do what they do- something that has also always interested me.

He discusses what he believes are 6 basic human needs :

  1. Certainty: Stability- we need to have security
  2. Uncertainty: Variety- as much as we need certainty- we don’t want to get bored
  3. Significance: We all want to feel unique, special, important.
  4. Connection and Love: Either from a partner or friend/family

He says these first 4 are basic human needs, that we all get through some way or another, but these last 2 needs – these are spirit needs- they will help with fulfillment which is what most people are searching for.

5. Grow- Personal development. He says we need to grow and develop to ultimately be able to give to others. You can’t stay stagnant. We are here to progress and push ourselves!

6. Contribute beyond ourselves. The secret to living is giving and by growing and developing ourselves we can give something of value to others.

While listening to a recent podcast by Tony Robbins, he also shared the following insights:

“The one key to happiness is progress! You have to grow. The reason we grow is to be able to give.”  People will want to contribute and serve!


The most important questions he asks about how to have a meaningful life- you’ve got to know what you want!  The quality of your life is not your conditions it’s your decisions.

Tony says learning to make decision is the most important element to success.

“Success is a result of good judgement, you make good decisions -you succeed.  Good judgement is the result of experience, hopefully as time goes by you learn more from your experiences, or the experiences of others. Often experience comes from bad judgement – you made mistakes, you learn!”

He uses this 6 step process when making a decision: First before you start you have to have everything written down on paper- there’s too much going on in your head and you must get it all out! OOCEMR:

  1. O- What are your outcomes: what do you want? In order to make a decision you have to know precisely what you want but normally we all want multiple things, so you have to put them in order of importance.
  2. O- What are my options?
  3. C- Consequences, make a graph/pro’s and cons, what are the upsides, downsides, incomes, outcomes?
  4. E- Evaluate the probability of these outcomes?
  5. M- Mitigate, how can I mitigate the downsides?
  6. R- Resolve- “Okay, that’s what I am going to do!”

Thanks for reading , happy decision making 🙂








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  1. Love this. thanks for sharing. I love Tony Robbins. Such an inspiration.

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