Is life happening TO YOU or FOR YOU?

We have a million choices to make each day, but waking up with intention, to me, is crucial. By choosing to live with intention you are choosing to live mindfully, with awareness. Awareness of your thoughts, your actions, others in your life and how you perceive your life and the happenings around you.

Becoming more conscious

In this incredible talk by Dr Shefali Tsabary, she speaks about the importance of becoming more conscious in our lives and how this massively influences our children.

Are we allowing our life to happen to us- are we angry, feeling like the victim , “Why me?”, “Why do I always end up in destructive relationships?” etc.  PERHAPS these experiences are happening to awaken us? Until we have learnt a lesson from it, these experiences will keep reoccuring.

This is inline with what Esther and Jeremy Hicks say ( Getting into the Vortex), that we attract people and situations in our life to learn and expand from them.

Dr Tsabary makes it very clear that our lessons are not the same lessons that our children need to learn. We cannot palm our worries and fears onto them.


What if we were to treat every experience as though it were happening for us. To teach us, to help us grow! What if we stop letting anxiety and worry take over because we feel we need to try to control all the happenings in our life.

What if we feel the fear, and decide to peacefully allow our lives to unfold, trusting that it is all happening perfectly and with lessons to learn and grow from. Start becoming aware of what lessons you can learn, journal , learn about yourself, and start going with the flow of life rather than against it.

This is the website of the inspirational Dr Shefali Tsabary . “Clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali Tsabary has made her name by calling for a radical restructuring of the parent-child relationship. She proposes that rather than seeing children as our subordinates, we should view them as mutual teachers. Watch as Dr. Shefali explains why she believes altering the way you communicate with your child could have an enormous ripple effect across subsequent generations. ”

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