Hit the delete button every time doubt appears.

Dr Wayne Dyer talks about this, about hitting this button to eliminate any doubts, thoughts of conditions and limitations. When you truly believe, and your vision and thought have not been tampered with the thoughts of boundaries and judgement – I believe the universe will start to deliver.

In a previous post, I explain how choosing a positive or negative thought is like walking down an aisle in a shop. You can either choose to walk down an aisle with all the great things you love , or the aisle with all your worst foods and things that don’t make you happy.

Ofcourse it takes practice to steer your thoughts to a more positive aisle when you hit the negative one, but by becoming aware of when we are heading down either aisle– WE ARE MAKING A START

Besides turning around to go down a positive aisle, how else do I stop those negative feelings?

Often when I start intentionally thinking about things I  want to manifest, dreaming big and getting lost in my positive shopping aisle- that dreaded negative voice of the ego pops up. It isn’t a bad thing, after all the ego’s main purpose is to act as a defense mechanism, to instill fear as a way to protect us. It would rather we just sit tightly and safely where we are. So the negative spiral starts with the “what if” and made up story line of what is to come! I have now started to picture HITTING THE DELETE BUTTON and bringing myself back to neutral before CHOOSING to go back to my positive aisle.

Through mindful meditation we can practicing bringing ourselves back to our breath when these negative spirals start- we can practice hitting the delete button.

Have a great day,




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