“The Secret To Manifesting anything that you desire is your willingness and ability to realign yourself so that your inner world is in harmony with the power of Intention.” Dr Wayne Dyer

  • Living mindfully is about living in the present moment, however it is completely natural that our minds wonder off .

    I think of it like this:

If you were to go shopping, would you spend your time walking down the aisles full of your favourite books, films, food, things you love- that make you feel great, or would you choose to spend your time walking down the aisles full of things you don’t like, that make you feel rubbish?

Our mind is constantly shopping down good aisles, bad aisles, scary ones and sometimes repeating the same aisle a few times a day.

BY BECOMING MORE SELF AWARE WE HAVE A CHOICE. We can choose which aisles to spend our day walking around, with practice we can remind ourselves not to start walking down that negative aisle that we know we don’t want to go down.

IT ALL STARTS WITH THE BREATH- using it as an anchor to bring yourself out of that negative thought. Use it as a DISTRACTION, then change your thought to positive, WITH PURPOSE

Once we have changed the thought to one that we want to manifest,  focusing on WHAT WE DO WANT rather than what we don’t, our energy is instantly going to change for the for the better. We focus on that new positive thought with love , purpose and INTENTION,  and kindly come back to neutral. Back to the present.

Our vibrations raise because we are instantly going to feel better when we think positive thoughts. So when we bring ourselves back to the present, the only moment we ever have- we can embrace the high energy levels, love, kindness and intent that we feel, choosing what we think and choosing how we live each moment!

And remember the Law Of Attraction- Like attracts like, so by focusing only on what you do want in your life, and by raising your energy levels- the abundant universe which is always giving, will match your vibration and your request.

Have a lovely day.






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  1. There’s a lot of power in positive thinking.

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  2. Pixie by night says:

    i love this analogy… blessing

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