Things that help raise my vibrational energy

Appreciation and gratitude are at the top of my list, but others for me include:

Meditate– EVERY THOUGHT WE HAVE HAS ENERGY THAT WILL EITHER STRENGTHEN OR WEAKEN US.   By meditating I can clear my head of negative past thoughts and future worries. Mediation is aimed at focusing on the breath and practicing being in the present moment. It is only in the present moment that we are free of past or future negative thoughts which are all ENERGY.

Visuals: Having photographs that were taken in moments of happiness and love will enhance your energy. I have a collage of my travels which is in sight everyday and really makes me feel good, as well as my vision board with all my future travel destinations and plans. Every picture contains energy – nature, animals, expressions of joy and love, things that ignite passion in you instantly!

Affirmations:Written affirmations have an energy of their own and help in raising our energy levels as we are affirming our intentions. We are creating our desires- putting them in writing and out in the universe. It is essentially beginning with the end in mind. Affirmations should be positive and should inspire you- by saying the positive, uplifting words out loud , you raise your vibration immediately.

Kindness- This is a big one for me! Extending acts of kindness and asking for nothing in return and being kind to ourselves. IT HAS BEEN PROVEN THAT  DOING SOMETHING KIND FOR SOMEONE INCREASES YOUR SERETONIN LEVELS ( that is a feel good hormone).        Truly listening, not judging, not thinking about something else, or planning your response- just one soul listening to another is one of the easiest ways to show kindness INSTANTLY .

Nature“Our bodies are made up of 98 percent of fluid- blood that was once ocean water, and minerals in our bones were components of minerals in the earth.” I have started to view myself as one with the universe, with nature. Being out in nature reminds me to live mindfully too, as I walk past plants and trees that are just still – they still grow but they DON’T RESIST- they just are. I have more energy after a walk in nature, and even having a small plant in your house can help.

Exercise– I feel much more energized and a greater sense of well-being after exercising ( release of endorphins). I love running and that does the trick for me , I know it instantly leaves me feeling pumped up and on a serious high. Walking however is also something I love and after a long walk I feel so much more calm and motivated. Yoga is another favourite , especially because I feel a release of emotions and a deep sense of clarity and peace after. Find what works for you and what raises your energy levels.

Chakras and Crystals–  I have attended a small  workshop on both of these which was so insightful! I will do a future post on these, but Chakras are different swirling energies inside of us that can get out of balance.

Crystals naturally give off energy that can be used for healing. Some crystals have higher frequencies, so their strong energy fields can be used to raise your personal vibration.

Paying attention to the energy levels in our homes can be helpful too. As well as crystals in your home to raise energy, you may have also heard of Feng Shui?  This is to do with the arrangement of your furniture and how to increase the energy flow around you.

There are other ways to increase your personal vibration such as eating more plant based natural food, and listening to certain music too! Feel free to share any other things you do below 🙂




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