“Everything that you see and touch is energy slowed down so that it appears to be coalesced mass.”Dr Wayne Dyer

In my previous post I explained a bit about high, positive vibes. Here is a bit more on energy that I have read in my recent book by Dr Wayne Dyer , ” The Power of Intention”

 ” Everything in the universe is a movement of energy. Higher/faster energy dissolves and converts lower/slower energy. With this in mind, I’d like you to consider yourself and all of your thoughts in the context of being an energy system. That’s right- you’re an energy system , not just a system of bones, fluids, and ells, but an actual multitude of energy systems encapsulating an inner energy system of thoughts, feelings and emotions. This energy system that you are can be measured and calibrated. Every thought you have an be energetically calibrated along with its impact on your body and your environment. The higher your energy , the more capable you are of nullifying and converting lower energies which weaken you, and impacting in a positive way everyone in your immediate and even distant surroundings.”

Higher energy is better than lower energy and expressions that are associated with higher and faster energies are healing, love, compassion, kindness, health and abundance to name a few.

In my next post I will  be sharing how I use the power of intention to raise my vibrations!

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