Good Vibes Only

Over the past year I have become increasingly interested in how we can raise our energy levels and personal vibrations, resulting in alignment with the universe and energies around us. I am a massive believer in the Law of Attraction and know that like attracts like and when you are feeling good, you are attracting good!

Why is changing our energy important?

I believe everything is energy. The words we speak , the food we eat, the people we surround ourselves with and our thoughts. Raising my vibrational energy or changing my energy from negative to positive, is key to attracting what I desire from the universe.  

When I am feeling my best and most positive self, my frequency is high and I make better decisions. I set intentions from a space of clarity. This results in me asking the universe for what I truly want. When you are in a negative spiral you tend to just focus on what is going wrong in life, all the problems you have,and in return the universe gives you more. 

The Universe cannot differentiate from what you want and do not want. By having clear and positive intentions, and by speaking/acting positively, as though you already have what you desire- you can be sure that’s what you are attracting!

When my energy vibrations are higher and I am more positive, I am inspired to take action to solve problems , rather than dwell on them. I can literally feel my positive energy rubbing off on people around me! Have you ever had that -when you are in such a good mood, you have sparkled some positivity and just know that person is leaving you feeling better?

I love the fact that the more abundant I feel , the more abundance the universe supplies. The universe has no limit on resources. It is all about how we can tap into it and start receiving faster and more intentionally, and that is by raising our vibrations.

How do I instantly change from negativity to positivity?

Living more mindfully has had the biggest impact on me and helps me to change my energy instantly. I have become more aware of my thoughts and judgments- able to catch the negative ones more often. Through mindful meditation, I can practice bringing myself back to the present moment and I can stop myself expanding on negative past or worried future thoughts. I find something extra ordinary in an ordinary moment just by fully being present and focusing on what is infront of me.

Living mindfully helps me to live with appreciation and gratitude– THE FASTEST WAYS TO CHANGE YOUR FREQUENCY FROM LOW TO HIGH AND START ATTRACTING MORE.

In my next post I will share with you more of what I do to get the good vibes flowing!

Happy Monday







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