Rhino Revolution- Jade’s Story

‘I started veterinary nursing as soon as I left college at 17, when I qualified I knew I wanted to go abroad and help other species, but didn’t know where or what.

Whilst working at Battersea dogs and Cats home I met my inspiration and best friend Natalie who had been in South Africa for 5 years in wildlife rehabilitation, after listening to her experiences I Knew this was what I wanted to do. It took me about 18 months to build up the courage to follow her footsteps alone.

I volunteered at the same center Natalie had been at, gaining experience with a variety of species including rhino. After working with rhino and being on the frontline of the poaching crisis I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to them and help make a difference.


Through contacts, I found that rhino revolution were building a rhino specific rehabilitation facility that was to be closed to the public to enhance the chances of release back into the wild. I went to the facility before the open day to help them get it ready. We opened the doors September 2016 and within 3 weeks, we received our first rhino calf from poaching.

The poaching crisis is dyer and currently the death rate is higher than the birth rate. No one knows where the rhino’s future lay but I can either sit back and do nothing or say I tried.’

After learning about what is happening to the rhino from Jade, it breaks my heart to think that poachers kill just to take the horns, which are actually keratin (the same as our hair and nails) . Jade says we urgently need to educate the world on this. Rhino Revolution funds dehorning of rhino, which deters poaching- you can read more about this on the website rhinorevolution.org.

The facility provides the orphans with a chance to overcome the trauma of a poaching incident, in a protected environment and raise them to be released back into the wild as undomesticated, self-sustaining animals.”  . They also strongly believe in educating the local communities- “The goal of Green Kidz is to educate young learners about environmental issues, and inspire them to become environmental leaders and ambassadors for nature – through having fun whilst learning, and broadening their horizons and aspirations.”

To read more about the amazing work that Jade and the team do, please check out the website rhinorevolution.org . Rhino Revolution rely solely on donations and sponsorship, and if you want to see what they are up to at the moment they have an amazing facebook page ‘rhino revolution’.

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Image: Rhino Revolution


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  5. Amazing post – Very inspirational


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