“What one thing could you do in your personal and professional life that, if you did it on a regular basis, would make a tremendous positive difference in your life? ” Stephen R.Covey

This question for me lines up with a time management principle I am already aware of and use: the Pareto 80/20 rule.

How can I get 80% results  from only 20% of effort? My answer is my mornings. If I spend 20% of my day being productive ( an hour or so in the morning) , that sets me up to have a successful and enjoyable rest of the day. I am a firm follower of The Miracle Morning  After a year of making this a habit, it comes so naturally to me and I don’t feel my day has truly started until I have spent that first hour on personal development and becoming the best version of myself before dealing with the rest of the world 🙂

What is your answer to this question? Feel free to comment below 🙂

Happy Monday.





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  1. Jennifer Lo says:

    I totally agree if I can get something done when I wake up early the rest of my day feels much more relaxed and focused. Miracle morning is a miracle and everyone should read it and then try it out. I find it difficult around my children. But the mornings I get up way before them make me feel more productive xxx

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  2. Wendy says:

    I try to practice my ‘hour of power’ which I got from an Anthony Robbins programme that I bought a few years ago and it does really help to ‘power up the day’… x


  3. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often and commented:
    Introducing Unite and Inspire!


  4. Latifat says:

    What’s the link for miracle morning? I’m having trouble accessing it

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    1. Sorry I just corrected it, go have look now! It is amazing and there is a huge facebook group called The Miracle Morning community which is just so s inspiring! Thanks for reading

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  5. In the words of stephen R Covey, constantly Reshape your saw.

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  6. Nyc words of motivation n inspiration. …keep on keeping on.

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    1. Thank you so much, very kind! Thanks for reading

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  7. Daniella Velissariou says:

    So true! I wake up two hours before I need to get up and spend it exercising and getting myself organised for that day. Makes me feel so much better! X

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