The new craze of the Bullet Journal, why it is so appealing – and my obsession with Passion Planners!

Early on this year I heard about Bullet Journaling  – a kind of complex but very creative way of making lists, charts, goals, journaling and basically getting everything out of your head and on to paper.  Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin  says what is appealing  is that it makes it easy to accomplish what he calls “externalizing your memory.” .  “In other words, don’t just try to keep track of things in your head. Somehow get what’s in your head out there in the world.” Says Levitin taken from a  post by the NY The bullet journal works because it soothes your panicky mind

I also recently read about an experiment that I thought might help understand why the whole bullet journaling system is so effective.  “The Effect of Achievement Motivation on the Zeigamik” by Dana Mandowsky, was “a study was conducted to investigate the relationship between achievement motivation and the recall of words in complete and incomplete tasks.”

(Rather than try to explain, I am quoting this straight from the online post)

“Existence of a need causes motivation for the individual to reduce it in order to return to a state of homeostasis, which is where the body would ideally like to be. Physiological and psychological needs both have the potential to produce tension. The need to finish an imcompleted task is one such example of the psychological type. Therefore, motivation to complete a task will be in place until the behaviour of completing the task is carried out and the tension reduced”

“The Zeigamik effect states that incompletion of a particular task instills psychological tension within a person, and in turn the motivation to reduce the tension. Since completion of the task will allow for the tension to dissipate, relevant information to that task will be readily available in memory. As a result, uncompleted tasks tend to be recalled better than completed tasks (Zeigamik as cited by Govem & Petri, 2004).”

So basically when we complete something it kind of “dissipates”, and we don’t really think about it again, we tend to focus more on what we need to do and what is incomplete, and that is actually what motivates us.

So these beautiful and creative journals aren’t just for fun- they actually have a purpose and are helping people around the world get the stress and to do’s out of their mind and on to paper, motivating them daily and giving them a sense of accomplishment. Even if it is from only a small tick off a list, remember the last post I reblogged – Tony Robins says he believes the secret to happiness is progress- and you have to keep track of even the small things.

I personally have not started with the bullet journaling, however I have a  Passion Planner which is similar but not so regimented with the to do’s. I am going to try and incorporate them both and just have a bit of fun with it. To me it’s all working towards personal development and taking the time to sit with yourself and your thoughts and to encourage you to keep moving forward and set your self goals.

See which one works for you 🙂

Have a great day.



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  1. Love this! Looking this up for planning, thank you for posting lovely.

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    1. Your welcome! Have fun with it!!


  2. heatherroos says:

    Reblogged this on heather roo's and commented:
    Bullet journaling is gaining ground. This is a very helpful read! Thank you!

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing! Have a great day!


  3. I do a my version of bullet journal for my to do list… but i use a prepinted diary. I go thru phases of like the bullet journal and not like…

    But thats me..

    Great post

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Yes I kinda tweak it a bit to work for me , don’t necessarily have to do it that exact way 🙂

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  4. Loved this! Totally looking for a way to combine the bujo style with my love for passion planners!

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