Just to say “Thank You”!

I woke up this morning feeling so grateful for everything I have in my life , and just wanted to share with you all.  Firstly I want to thank all of you that follow my blog, and support me by reading, liking and commenting on my posts. One of my favorite things to do is to read other peoples blogs, read about what they are learning, seeing what I can learn from them, and feeling the positive vibes that everyone shares when encouraging others.

This year is turning into a real learning journey for me, and I love that I get to share what I am learning. I have been travelling for 8 months now, and although I knew I would benefit from seeing the world, I am benefiting hugely from the time I am spending getting to learn from others.

My goal is to become a life coach, and ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to help people. I would love to be able to help people on a larger scale and I’m sure I am not the only one that wants world peace, but if I can even help one person feel better about themselves , that is better than nothing.

Growing up in South Africa, helped to open my eyes and made me realize that not everyone has the things in life that I do, and so I should never take for granted even the small and basic things. “ Be grateful for all that you have, accept all that you don’t and actively create all that you want”.

Since meeting so many people and reading a huge amount of personal development books during my travels , I have only added to my bucket list, which is exciting, but makes me anxious too. You see I am the kind of person that wants to do everything like yesterday! I want to share so much, I want to write so much, and I want to do so much more.

However… if there is one thing I have learnt while traveling, it is that I personally benefit from having simplicity in my life. Therefore, I am going to release my need to do so many things at once and to post every day of the week, working myself into frenzy.  Instead I am simply going to stick to a goal of posting on Sunday’s, with the post aimed at setting myself an intention for the week ahead. I want to share this with you because accountability is what makes people stick to things, and in a way, my followers are my accountability partners.

I hope you all continue to share your wonderful stories, and look out for my Sunday posts for a bit of inspiration and motivation!

Have a great day, and remember to be thankful for all that you have, it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.




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  1. Lively Life says:

    It’s nice to set boundries and little pockets of calm for you to snuggle up in. What fun is life if we’re doing all these things we feel we’re ‘supposed ‘ to be doing, when all along its just putting too much on our plate. If it creates frenzy, it is good to come to the conclusion you have : )

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  2. Thank you for your creative blogs too that always have an effect on everyone with your kind words

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    1. Wow what a lovely comment to wake up too- truly made my day! Thank you and thank you too for your inspiring blog posts, which are written so well! Have a great day.

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      1. You welcome you for write beautifully


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