Is Change a Challenge or an Opportunity? #Challenge #Opportunity

I love this post in which Laurie talks about how change has led to her personal and spiritual development, and how we should try to see the positive in change. This post made me think back to challenging times in my past and I can only think of how I have now benefited from being pushed out of my comfort zone- you learn so much about yourself. I think of all the wonderful people I have met that and the new things I have tried and experienced that I may not have had I stayed where I was. In a world that is ever changing , we need to embrace changing with it, learning more about ourselves and different environments- it can only make you stronger! ” A negative thinker will see the difficulty in every opportunity. A positive thinker will see opportunity in every difficulty.” Chikku George Thomas

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Change can be a challenge or an opportunity. Often times change is both, and yet a few times in life it is truly one or the other. Challenge. Opportunity. For me, it tends to be both at the same time. I know, ironic, eh?


For some reason, some folks just do not like change. You would think that others were asking for a limb removed or something drastic. Hah! I suppose that can be the Challenge…

It occurred to me this past weekend that just about all of my life, my many changes have been challenges and yet opportunities. If I hadn’t moved to Ketchum, I would not likely have discovered real estate that became my career. If I hadn’t moved to Boise, I may not have grown spiritually as I have since moving here. If I had not gotten a dog, I may not have opened my eyes to…

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