Mindfulness 101: When “Think Happy Thoughts” Isn’t Enough

I’m sure from my posts you have gathered how much I am a fan of Mindfulness – and I love seeing how much it is helping others too! Read on to see how Mindfulness has had a positive impact on Francesca’s mental health =)


(…no offence Peter Pan!)

**Disclaimer: Just want to begin this post by saying I am in no way a medical professional, and everyone is different in how they respond to things. This is just a discussion about something I have found to be useful, in the hope it may benefit others too**

12656091_10153759806296154_1029775052_oHey guys!

As you will know if you’ve been reading my previous posts, my blog is about mental health. I have struggled with depression and anxiety for a long time, and have tried many different techniques for coping with these issues. Today I want to share with you the single most useful strategy I have come across, which I am currently trying to master: mindfulness.

Ever heard of it? I hadn’t until very recently but I am so glad to have come across it. Before I explain what it is, I want to explain the many things…

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