“What Inspires Me”- by Andrea

Community :

I love being part of something. Building a community around me whether it’s on the mat doing yoga or in the box training in Crossfit. I surround myself with likeminded people. As much as I like pushing myself in training to be a better athlete I thrive off teaching others what I know to make their performance better. Continuous learning and sharing what I have learnt along the way goes hand in hand for me. And that feeling that you’ve actually been part of someone reaching one of their goals is pretty awesome. I find inspiration not only from the teachers who are teaching me along the way but from students, friends and family around me.


As I’m a competitive crossfitter for me this one is simple. Wanting to be better than the last time I did the workout OR beating other girls that I know are in my reach. Constantly wanting to improve my performance. In crossfit we do a lot of online qualifers, which for me are great as they allow me to see names and recognise names that are near me on the leaderboards and know next time I need to beat them. Those girls inspire me. It’s easy to find them on instagram so I follow them and they keep me in check. I’m still pretty new to the crossfit game and there is loads to figure out… like LOADS. But that’s what I have come to realise that its what I love to do, I love the constantly varied approach to exercise. It works for me and trust me when I say there are so many different types of exercise out there, play around and find something that works for your body. Find someone who does it well, follow them on insta, stalk them a little and soon you’ll become obsessed and of course inspired.


I completed my yoga teacher training qualification mainly because I wanted to further my knowledge of yoga as I didn’t really know much about it and ultimately wanted my practice to be stronger. There have been many woman and men who I have met throughout my yoga journey with such powerful stories as to why they took up yoga or started teaching and there have been others who just want to do it because ‘why the hell not’. The first few sessions in my teacher training I was thinking so hard for a great story to share with my other yogis, something that they would think was pretty awesome, then actually came to realise that I just enjoyed yoga. I enjoy teaching and I enjoy being physically active and really really really needed to stretch my body.  So for me personally that’s why I did my teacher training – so I could learn how to put my body into funky shapes and stretch in a bit more of a fun way. There are so many different types of yoga. I found that vinyassa flow is my absolute favourite as I’m more of a ‘strong’ yogi than a flexible one. This style suits me to perfectly while also complimenting crossfit.(www.thehouseofyoga.co.uk)


It doesn’t matter how long I run for or how hard I run. Every time I put my running shoes on and get out there so much space is cleared in my mind to be allow me to think clearly. I find it personally so refreshing. When I run I find inspiration in my mind as to what to do with my day or life etc… You should try it!! But don’t think you have to go and run a marathon, I’m talking 20 minutes nice slow pace in a nice quite field or countryside. Inspire yourself from within.


Two big inspirations for me are Brooke Ence and Leah West, two girls big in the crossfit scene in America, both highly successful. (One as a pro athlete the other has her own crossfit box.) Seeing these woman whether they’re super model cat walk chicks or insanely strong Olympic lifters, they all inspire me. Some days to put the cake down and other days to work out harder then ever! Instagram is awesome for checking out other woman (and men), seeing what other people get up to who have full times jobs or kids or both. Finding inspiration in a photo on instagram or getting click happy on youtube checking out crossfit girls. The power of social media inspiration.







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