Who’s using Mindfulness?

Respected programmes using Mindfulness:

  •  The NHS are recommending 8 week intervention courses to help control depression and anxiety by introducing Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, “MBCT combines the problem-solving approach of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with mindfulness techniques. These are designed to fix your awareness on the “here and now” instead of having unhelpful thoughts about the past and the future” Click here to read more.
  • Just the other day the daily mail posted an article about how they are to spend 600 million on yoga, zumba and mindfulness for their staff to help reduce stress and improve the health of their nurses and doctors. Click here to read more.
  • Mindfulness training programmes are also being bought into classrooms around the world . The ‘Mindfulness in Schools Project’ for example, allows for you to have a taster session by bringing a mindfulness teacher to come speak to staff members , letting them know what it’s all about,  and they then run training courses for staff to be able to teach Mindfulness in the classrooms. “This year, the Mindfulness in Schools Project has scheduled teacher training in Scotland, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Finland, Thailand, the Netherlands and Australia. Its “.b” curriculum has been translated into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Icelandic, French, German and Spanish, indicating its growing international appeal. However, it is just one of many mindfulness programs currently in operation.” Says Coleen Ricci, The Age.
  • It is even being discussed at 10 Downing Street ,with a team from the Oxford Centre for Mindfulness , including creator of MBSR ( Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) Jon Kabat-Zin. The meeting was to discuss how to bring Mindfulness into different sectors such as education and mental and physical health.
  • The Strong Project is an example of how the U.S military are bringing in Mindfulness training to help soldiers prepare for stressful combat as well as learning to deal with stress by training their minds to focus on the present moment. Neuroscientist Dr. Amishi Jha says “My research focuses on the basic mechanisms of attention, how stress depletes it and if and how mindfulness training can strengthen it. We have a tool that might benefit and protect Soldiers’ minds/brains in the same way physical training intends to protect and prepare their bodies.” “Research has shown that the more mentally “fit” a person’s brain is, the quicker that person is able to recover from stress, to solve complex problems and to better handle high-demanding environments.” says  Melissa Myers, USAMRMC Public Affairs .


         How is it effecting the workplace?

  • Lolly Daskal, , President and CEO, Lead From Within says “In workshops that I have conducted, 89 percent of those who practiced mindfulness on a daily basis found themselves not only thinking more clearly but working more productively.Even more–91 percent of those who stayed with the program–reported they were experiencing significant positive changes. Google, Apple, McKinsey & Co., Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, and General Mills have all implemented successful mindfulness programs” Click here to read more.
  • Mindfulness in the Workplace: Five Practical Tips for 2016, by Steve Canning , contributor to the Huffington Post’s blog , says “Our increasingly high-octane lives are leading many of us to zone out regularly, always thinking about the next task to be done, rather than concentrating on the present. Paying more attention to our thoughts, feelings and the world around us is the central premise of mindfulness and it is unsurprising that increasing numbers of employers are recognising the host of benefits the trend has to offer.”

Who are some of the high profile advocates for Mindfulness?

Many celebrities such as Emma Watson, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey and Goldie Hawn .

Goldie Hawn is so passionate about the effects that she has created her own foundation with a programme called Mind Up . “The Hawn Foundation transforms children’s lives by providing vital social and emotional learning programs to reduce stress and aggressive behavior, improve focus and academic performance and increase resiliency for success in school and in life” states her foundation website The Hawn Foundation.

Goldie Hawn tweeted just a few days ago that her programme Mind Up is now in 30 schools in London.

What are your thoughts on how Mindfulness is being introduced into schools and the work place- do you think children would benefit from learning how to control their thinking from a young age? Do you think all companies should follow the trend of mindfulness in big corporations such as Google and Apple?

Look out for my upcoming post on how Vipassana Meditation was bought into a maximum-security prison in rural Alabama, as well as in Thihar , the highest maximum prison in New Dehli.

Taryn x


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