This site is about coming together to share our wealth of knowledge on mental health and wellbeing. A platform to recommend and discuss books, blogs and anything else that might inspire others to make a positive change in their lives.

There is no one size fits all in life, so where one person finds motivation through a self help book, another might find inspiration from an online post. Whatever the source, lets keep sharing, as we never know who might stumble across it and get that life changing ‘uh huh’ moment.


Knowledge is power- and what use is knowledge if you can’t share it? Just as we have to keep our bodies in physical shape, we need to keep training our minds too, learning where we can and from who we can. There is no need to go searching for inspiration, rather look at what is motivating others to make positive changes and see what stands out for you. It is all too easy to like a post on social media and make a quick mental note to start ‘living more simply’ or ‘ stop living in the past’, but the truth is liking and agreeing with these statements does not mean your committed to them. We are all searching for our spark, a surge of energy shocking us into making a real effort to change. Until then so many of us will continue to feel motivated for short periods, only to reform to our old habits when our minds find something else to focus on.


Luckily for us , sharing information with each other by the click of a button has never been easier, so let’s get sharing our life changing sources of information  and unite to inspire eachother. 



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